Miami born but raised in Cartagena, Colombia by a Lebanese Mother and a Colombian Father. She has a passion for tropical fruits, biodynamic farming, textiles, slow medicinals and fermentation. In the past 12 years she has been working in different aspects of the small production wine world: wine making, vineyard management, importing, distribution and as a sommelier. Her passion for subtropical & tropical farming started as a young age when every Sunday she went to visit her great grandma’s organic farm in the rural area of Cartagena, Colombia. While living in Northern California she worked in viticulture and started her own medicinal garden. Many years later while living back in Miami, she reached out to many local farms and became a farm volunteer and met Gabi while volunteering. The rest is compost.



Venezuela born and raised. She began volunteering in farming with Ben Thacker at Troy Gardens/Urban Green Works who inspired her to pursue farming as a career. She was introduced to herbalism through her grandmother Alecia who used plants as medicine and who had the fortune to live in a house with fruit trees where she grew up with her cousins playing in the rain with dirt and earth worms. When she met Julia Onnie-Hay, an herbalist in our community, it woke her interest in learning more about the medicinal power in native/tropical plants. When she is not at a gig in TV/Film production you can find her working with plants with Katia.