Small CSH Share Winter Season 2018

Small CSH Share Winter Season 2018


Small Share: 4-6 items per season

The products in each share varies depending on the seasonality of the ingredients and the focus on healing ailments that come with different seasons. Each season, we showcase one local farmer, beekeeper or craft maker by including one of their products in the CSH.

Pickup*: Free during our Winter Solstice celebratory day Saturday, December 22nd 10am-3pm at our Plant Nursery/Herbalism Garden 115 NE 76th St, Miami, Fl 33138. This day will be packed with herbal drinks & food, community herbalism activities, medicinal plant sales & more. Friends & Family members are welcomed!

Local Miami Delivery Rate: $15

Florida Delivery Rate: $20

These are some examples of what you will find in the shares:

MEDICINAL: Burning herbs, Fire Cider, Salves, Steams, Elixirs, Infused Oils, Chews, Lozenges ,Baños, Florales, Sprays, Ointments, Balms.

SELF CARE: Soaps, Candles, Masks, Sachets, Creams, Dyes, Bouquets, Sprays, Bath Salts, Scrubs, Toner, Lip Balms.

CULINARY: Teas, Salts, Honey, Syrups, Powders, Bitters, Pickles, Vinegars, Dehydrated Fruits, Herbs, Flowers, Tinctures.

The Winter shares will be available for pick up or will be shipped during the Winter Solstice week of December 21st, 2018. The last day to register is December 17th.

*We might add more pickup locations depending on the season. If you are not able to pick up during our celebratory day, please let us know and we can arrange another pick up day at our Plant Nursery/Herbalism Garden. If the share is not picked up within 30 days, we will donate it to a local female charity.

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