Mother Earth Miami runs an urban herbalism plant nursery and garden, where a variety of seedling, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are grown for: plant sales, workshops, the community, farmers market stand, events, community supported herbalism shares and for our handcrafted products. The garden and nursery is located in Little Haiti, Fl (Miami) and its a close drive, walk or bike ride for the Miami community. Our mission is to experiment, discover and expand our knowledge of native and tropical plants that have medicinal and nutritional properties. We are very thankful to be part of Miami’s growing herbalism and farming community and to all of our customers that believe in sourcing locally grown and wildcrafted products made with love and dedication.

Mother Earth Miami also hosts workshops and pop-up events where you can find our products. We will also serve as a liaison to other producers, farmers, craft-makers and healers here in South Florida.

By supporting our business and consuming local herbs, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and finding herbs that you won't find at a store. Just imagine-when you buy herbs at the store, those herbs probably travelled all the way from the West Coast or even further away and they were probably farmed using non-organic practices, so by the time they get to Miami they are looking pretty! Our herbs are fresh and were farmed using organic, sustainable and biodynamic practices.

We remain closed during the summer from June until September, when we work on soil fertilization by growing cover crops that are beneficial to our organic practices. Every year we’ll dedicate some time to growing "summer Miami crops" like ginger, turmeric, comfrey and lemongrass. We also use this time to plan for the next growing season, improve our farming techniques and learn more about plants to benefit the community.

Want to learn more about herbs and plants you won't find at the store? Want to get active and get your hands dirty? Volunteer with us! Send us a message at: